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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:41

AK Party lackeys in Congress Begins

AK Party lackeys in Congress Begins
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Butler AK Party Provincial Chairman Lightning indicates the beginning of the congress period Basra , said the party would rule alone again .

Uşak news:
Usak Province AK Party Chairman Basri Lightning congressional district would begin on Saturday, November 15, 2014 . Between 15 and 16 November Banaz Sivas , Ulubey and Provincial President of the congress will be held in Karahalliand Basra stating Lightning , would add to the party organization of the new government will be formed . Party Esme November 22, the district convention , 2014 expressed the will on Saturday Basri Lightning, \"one day after Esme convention , we will complete the central district convention . The new district administration will occur, and December 7, 2014 the day of the making of our provincial congress , we renewed our organization. Who Delegate elections in a democratic environment AK Party Usak Province and District Organization , convention periods to be completed in a way that suits him . Continuing the success of targeted and with a dynamic management, in 2015 we will prepare for the general election , \"he said .
March 30, 2014 local elections , Istanbul Municipality, said the re-Basri Lightning started to be managed by EC staff , said they won the presidential election on the 10th of August. The AK Party is not the day of the union , who told Basri Lightning plans in the long term , said his party would still be in power alone . CHP and the MHP party base of Basri Stating that adopt their own leaders, \"Our party, our solidarity is never finished. Founding General Chairman Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan , was the President and instead of the Prime Minister and the General Presidency, Ahmet Davutoglu, the number taking the opinion of all the organs of our party was introduced. party teşkilatımız and our nation pushed Ahmet Davutoglu embraced and cherished . Other parties are deprived of this commitment. CHP and MHP at the bottom of the adoption of its leaders and reluctantly voters are our brothers. allegiance to our one of the core of our success and faith lies . We have our connection As long as we believe our last breakout and general president , we always have the power alone . no wind and no power can destroy the AK Party, \"he said .
AK the party in 2023 , 2053 and 2071 in accordance with said target proceed surely Basri Lightning , said:\"our nation , we made a promise to comply with the Constitution and civil people's demands. To create a new Constitution , our people need more support. Liberal, anyone who thinks the new Constitution ötekileştirmeyen and peace and prosperity of our nation , we need more support in 2015 . \"

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