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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:25

Black Breeding The Great Contribution

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Prepared by the Department of the Army University Faculty of Agriculture, Animal and all the Black Sea , which will serve as an example in the region, \"the Eastern Black Sea Region Livestock to to develop a University Education , Research , Practice Activities by Model Livestock Facilities and Training Center Establishment Toward manufacturer of Education\"was given momentum to work for the project, .

Ordu news:
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science Department Chair Assoc . Dr. Ismail Stopped Department of Animal Science and Assoc . Dr. Sezai Alkan, last month DOKAP Regional Development Administration adopted in accordance with the regional development plan by the Presidency and £ 5 million budget for the project were included in the details of the necessary infrastructure works to be implemented .
to marketing the production phase with increasing livestock activities implementation of the proposed project will provide significant contributions to the economy of the various business lines in order allocated to the Army University Turnasuyu in Saraycık located on 14 acres of land on livestock facilities for training and research will be established . DOKAP separated by 5 completed the million budget 2015 January as with the transfer to our university project drawings of the launch of the construction of the project in April 2015 and is planned to be completed , within 2 years.
< Strong> livestock facilities will consist of 11 QUANTITY UNIT < br/> Turnsu locality in the facility to be built on 14 acres of land ; Holstein, Jersey , Simmental and 25 capacity will consist of various culture breeds such as brown cattle unit, for the area to be comprised of a different goat and sheep 50 Total capacity of sheep as the animal unit as 2,000-capacity breeding chicken coop , 2 thousand 500-capacity eggs poultry set, set of 2 thousand 700-capacity brood , hatching capacity of 7,500 units, with 50 colonies per hour capacity beekeeping unit 2 thousand will feed unit production capacity of 500 kg . In the plant, which will be equipped with the latest technology systems is also a faculty member of the Faculty of Agriculture and feed analysis laboratory quail, partridge , guinea fowl and broiler will be installed on the unit , such as avian species research can do research.

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