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  • 17 Ekim 2014, Cuma 17:10

Cahan President , \"Our goal is to become a brand thermals \"

Cahan President , \
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Source Geothermal Association of Municipalities of Turkey and by the Union of Municipalities use of geothermal energy in Iceland to see the area held on 8-12 October with the aim of \"Iceland Technical Study Tour Program\"was held .

Uşak news:
mayors who are members of unions participating in the program , the butler Nurullah Cahan attended on behalf of the Mayor . Geothermal and Turkey for health tourism in Iceland is one of the leading countries in Usak received information about uygulanılırlıg received the technical information . Stating that the program is extremely useful Mayor Nurullah Cahan , Iceland applied methods and techniques that are important in determining the road map in Usak reported. Butler's geothermal water all over Turkey , meaning the highest quality waters proved to be one Cahan , \"our province in the future brand done one of the geothermal resource will be. Source of our most beautiful way to use and for the future of the geothermal on the name-brand city and country sources of how to manage to see that the correct is a study . therefore Icelandic technical trips organized a major study was . we from this trip very useful information and our province we returned . information about the applicability of our specialist teams and recently put on the table , \"he said .
Geothermal large targets that underlines cahan , in line with the objectives of scientific data also pointed out that add to notepad . Brand City Usak target the city's brand values ​​to the fore like to draw voicing Cahan , \"The task for us to then brand the city to build our whole team there with our strength we are working with . Destination our our city's values ​​to face the day removing the brand has to do . Baths our our self is our source . We potential at the desired level by making use of the brand in Turkey was about geothermal want to be among the cities . both local and foreign citizens who want to take advantage of medical tourism also want to attract to our city , \"he said .


Cahan President , \"Our goal is to become a brand thermals \"" comments for.


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