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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 08:39

Cahan , \"The Common Outcomes of mind We're getting \"

Cahan , \
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Mayor Nurullah Cahan's butler as soon as they provide a common mind in the city and so far they have received positive benefits as a result of problems in consultations with citizens conveyed that they had found the solution.

Uşak news: Cahir explaining that expectations are intertwined with every opportunity to citizens as they take notes Photo Municipality to the finest detail and that they resolve . Citizens made ​​with the following studies President Cahen providing information about the interview, \"Our citizens have performed work in many neighborhood we do face to face dialogue carried out with . Editing of the hospital transport our line bus, the end of the road problems in Crescent City , in a September Industrial Estate in new ways termination of need , the completion of the road work of Malkoçoğlu school , Ali Fuat Guven school Completion of student attainment of school efforts to end the need for the Aybey neighborhood park and he would continue solution works for many similar problems. \"citizens return to in the wake of Photo studies Cahan also underlined that a positive , happy for the emergence of a city where people live drew attention will continue to evaluate every opinion . The city's absolute way , indicating that the apparent contribution of this method for making a seamless Cahen , \"we gave before the election on behalf of the can brand our city projects continues concrete developments . In addition to all this effort we see what our citizens saw spots can be said . At this point, the phenomenon called common sense we mobilize \"he said
< strong> tOGETHER we mANAGES Photo Servant always voicing manages together hand in hand with the city with Mayor Nurullah Cahen , \"should perform Usak development with the latest speeds and deserved position must come . the manager for that to do their best , studies find common ground with the city should be made. We are exhibit performance in favor of giving life to projects we prepared keeping the pulse of our citizens before the election . We are excited to perform concrete steps for our project so far. Now we continue the work we performed prior to the selection method . By being constantly intertwined with our citizens producing new projects , we find solutions to the problems on-site . Our policy is to manage the city with collective wisdom gave fruit. Almost every neighborhood has notified us that we find solutions to the problem. Our ongoing work with the municipality to take steps to make sure we continue with the steps in the solution phase. Our management will continue its sensitivity Municipal followed in subsequent stages. Young from the perspective of each individual to the old town and wanted to see Usak will be extremely valuable to us. I know and I do philosophy has never been to provide a happy city. We will go our way focused on increasing our municipality citizens in this regard , \"he said .


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