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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 09:40

Cahan , \"We use the highest quality of water \"

Cahan , \
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Municipality butler Small Drinking Water Treatment Plant and launched a series of studies on the dam .

Uşak news: Photo of standards and quality of ongoing work with the city to get the best quality water in the name of giving water of the dam structure is increased . The team approached the end of the study, followed the completion of the work towards the city's water intake is scheduled to take better quality of service . Mayor made ​​a statement on the matter Nurullah Cahen , Small Drinking expressed that gave positive results for the city of studies in the Water Treatment Plant. The increase of water quality in Photo Usak was an important work for themselves noted that Cahen , \"Our municipality in every sense of our city to improve the quality of life and urbanization continues to project in order to live in the best possible way. the quality of our city drinking water is also important in this context. I did it for a better stage for the coming of the quality our water we will take the results of the work soon , \"he said . Teams that perform rigorous and drawing the gold Jahan planned work , constantly drew attention they received the information from all stages themselves. They consistently produce projects for future water-related butler transfer Cahen , \"developing one of the most important elements of the world in drinking water and water resources. Our municipality is in continuous operation and planning for our city water supplies and drinking water. What we Usak as a municipality knows the seriousness of the business's have the best quality of our water project on behalf of our citizens will continue will feel the difference , \"he said.

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