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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 21:24

Governor Yavuz Great Wall ; \"But a Great Revolution Silent Faces 12 Years \"

Governor Yavuz Great Wall ; \
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Victory Development Agency ( INT) Development Board 2014 second meeting was held in Usak .

Uşak news: The meeting was hosted
Usak Afyonkarahisar, was attended by members of Kütahya and Manisa. The first item on the agenda of the meeting, which INTELLIGENCE In a speech after the presentation of the interim annual report year 2014 and development of the Great Wall Governor emphasized the importance Yavuz said:\"While development is the primary goal of all countries , to be successful in development to achieve the target because of the attention to fine detail is always experienced a disappointment . the basic elements of development priorities are the wealth owned by people and the country. your own capacity and not aware of your presence , your history , you can not be successful in your reference point if you do not well appointed. our history this reason , we have a very good knowledge of our geography. Why do great country great scientists forefront of their nation interests are , why always themselves the world's biggest , show as if they judge ? this is a marketing tactic , you're not aware of your own wealth and greatness , you lose the start crushing you race. was invented in this geography money we were in for the first time used the place where the history of this place is weak that race the power of dozens of civilizations where lost between pages. As the owner of three continents, the prevailing large and well-established civilization we unsurlarıyız remaining upright leg of this region. Instead of nationalism in the region we live in the city to remove our vantage point and can achieve the forefront of regional cooperation and national development. In the first servant of our city are as old as 7000 years as a side extending an oven based on the Lydian civilization province. In our recent history where electricity was first used in the textile , over 100 years of experience in leather, with a strong entrepreneurial cities in the establishment of the first sugar mill industry . Today, the blanket, the skin, the gauze, the recycling industry , we continue to have a say in a province that contribute to the ceramic in the province and the country's economy . Our factory has 600 employees , we are proud of it on behalf of ourselves and our country . This wealth of all the regional development towards princes city of Manisa, starboard our city Kütahya, ancestral heirlooms works with Afyonkarahisar, both with the long history of the assets they have at the moment and the country's development in the important pluses are important actors in our region put . \"In continuation of
speech last we live in the country in the years of development moves with reference to the Great Wall Governor Yavuz \"This country and this country great and powerful country in 12 years, but there is a big silent revolution. Shakes again come to himself , in the wake of a nation today and is among the leading countries in the world. With the overall development of local and regional economic development efforts in our living Turkey, today in Victory Development Agency, under the financial support has provided £ 76 million and has been instrumental in supporting the total investment of 163 million TL. In addition, technical training was given to 16 927 people in the context of support . In addition, support has been given 2,534 investment firm has received 39 investment decisions of these firms. In this way, 2,387 new jobs in our region as a result of these investments personality is invested £ 262 million has been provided . Here are the important developments in expressing these data and figures in 2023 is indicative of our walk with steady steps towards their goals , \"he said .

Governor Yavuz Great Wall ; \"But a Great Revolution Silent Faces 12 Years \"" comments for.


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