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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:25

It has happened in a first Usak State Hospital

It has happened in a first Usak State Hospital
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Usak Province Association of Public Hospitals affiliated to the General Secretariat of Usak State Hospital continues to achieve firsts.

Uşak news: Photo Usak Province Association of Public Hospitals affiliated to the General Secretariat of Usak State Hospital, Clinic of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Op Aydin Koc, Op Murat and his team Yana patients with abdominal Off the ballooning of the main artery ( endovascular ) in Usak succeeded first by surgical method . Op. Dr. Coach Aydin performed surgery and gave the following information about the disease ; \"Aneurysm ( ballooning ) of the aorta is a further expansion of the progressive manifested a vascular disease of the result of 1.5 times the vessel diameter to lose its normal structure . The natural history of the disease AORTA's time is the expansion and rupture . Therefore, it is a disease that results in sudden death. The 1.5-2 million aneurysm patients is estimated to be . stop disease rate among 60-80 years 1.5 % in Turkey. is seen in men more than 4 times . the most important risk factors for the disease advanced age , hypertension, smoking, is to have the white race and male gender . Aortic aneurysms of the normal diameter 2 when times that the annual growth rate should be treated is more than 0.5 cm . pre-opening the abdomen with open abdominal surgery 10 days in intensive care and service tracking treated with this disease since 1991, and especially today special catheter with a stent-entering into the vein with a very small incision in the groin placed are treated. the postoperative intensive care patients may not need to walk for 6 hours and then eat the average may be discharged from the hospital within 2 days . Usak State Hospital, located in our heart and vascular surgery outpatient visits after a 80-year-old male patient in the aorta in the abdomen tomography obtained after reaching 6.7 cm in diameter were detected aneurysms. Chronic lung disease, both legs in partial paralysis resulting difficulty walking and heart failure such as additional serious diseases in patients with our operating conditions endovascular stent grafting ( artificial vein ) was made in a way to success. Our patient was able to walk the day after surgery , was able to eat food , not to require additional therapy , there is no need to give blood . Control CT in the aortic aneurysm ( ballooning is employed) has been shown to be completely destroyed . EVA is the name given to this method of treatment in our hospital have successfully started and will continue .''Photo Usak Association of Public Hospitals Secretary General Our Spc Yalcin Mounted surgery patients who visited bed . Perform surgery op.d Aydin Koc, Op Yanar Murat and his crew , the nurses to provide care , who lent their support to the technical infrastructure and hardware point thanked the hospital management .

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