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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:33

Kayaağıl Thermal Facility to New Apartments

Kayaağıl Thermal Facility to New Apartments
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Usak Municipality Kayaağıl Geothermal Plant's an even better situation to come and stay prepared to reduce the problem and who are eligible to receive support from the Victory Development Agency \"Usak Termale getting \"project introduction meeting was held of .

Uşak news: Photo Meeting will be held under the project were given information on apartments and technical issues. The introductory meeting held at the Deputy Mayor of the City History Museum, as well as Hakan Uludag ABİGEM Responsible Celebrity Malik , Istanbul Municipality of Scientific Affairs Manager Mustafa Dayioglu and joined the staff of the relevant units. Deputy Mayor Hakan Uludag makes a statement about the project , that the purpose was to arrive at the point where they want to geothermal resources in Usak , he said. Uludag pointed out that the project is a worthwhile project in this context, \"Our municipality is interested in the evaluation and acquisition of thermal sources. Our major project for this is in question. We acquired gains by contributing from institutions such as the project to our intelligence. This project has 2 million 080 thousand a cost , but is concerned together to meet it's 615 thousand 854 TL of Intelligence , \"he said . Photo Project , which indicates that terminates in a short span of 15 months Uludag , on behalf of going to other cities to thermally butler was pointed out that they have taken one step further. Geothermal also indicating that quickly continued the project Uludag , \"We have been going without interruption in our work in order to add a different quality and size of our geothermal . We provide endeavor to provide a to tesisleşme it deserves our province until it reaches a stay from the aqua park . Moreover, we are engaged to be used in the medical branch of our thermal springs . more recently , our facility will be an example to other cities and Usak people will win , \"he said.


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