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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 13:26

Looking for sightseeing, Village Backyard Shareholders of Usak Sugar Factory

Looking for sightseeing, Village Backyard Shareholders of Usak Sugar Factory
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The founder of the privatization process, Usak taken into Sugar Factory's grandson, Mehmet Nuri Sugar Sugar, launched a legal battle about reaching out to important documents while researching his grandfather .

Uşak news: Photo Nuri Sugar in 1926 under the leadership of Usak artisans, and peasants established with the participation of the residents in the area Usak Sugar Factory has the distinction of being the first sugar factory in Turkey , was transferred to the state in 1931 . Recently , the state's factory customization scope to take action by passing the grandson of Mehmet Nuri Sugar Sugar Sugar Usak doing research about his grandfather Nuri Sugar Factory has determined that no partner's share of the 81 570 villages . The names of the shareholders on the issue and reached the amount of shares in the hands of Mehmet Sugar paperwork visiting 81 villages decided to reach 570 partner's heirs . In this context, firstly due to cover living Usak center Mehmet Sugar sugar factory in the village began to roam the village Himmat shareholder son, Jesus , the son and daughter of Sami Kara reached Ummuhan Karahan . Sami land and sister who meet with Ummuhan Knight Sugar, shareholders gave information that they could get the rights to the application that they will share their father's Sugar Factory. Sugar, on the subject found the following statement:\"up to 1931 by 1948, it is given to contemporary newspapers sugar factory in the announcement, shareholders'names and share amounts written one by one. I found the results of these documents long struggle . In order to get the rights of the peasants , a partner in the factory under privatization 81 village will provide the individual travels to seek their rights in consultation with the heirs of all shareholders. \"Photo Usak Sugar Factory of his grandfather , the founder Nuri including Sugar particular voicing began a legal battle with the stocks of their family Mehmet Sugar, said the words ; \"My hand all the information, documents and shares with the Prime Ministry Privatization Department, sending prepare a file to the Ministry of Finance and Usak Sugar Factory DG , I'm calling my right . In the file I will provide the appropriate place 81 of the village's 570 shareholders will be the name. With the contribution given by our ancestors a suspension of succession established'll provide shareholders with the same rights and then gave place to take their legal battle to receive from the state allowing them to apply for their share price in Usak Sugar Factory . \"

Looking for sightseeing, Village Backyard Shareholders of Usak Sugar Factory" comments for.


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