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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 19:28

Occupancy rate of the dams and ponds butler

Occupancy rate of the dams and ponds butler
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Great Wall of Usak Governor Yavuz , after precipitation in Usak found in the description of rainfall detected by occupancy rates in the dams and ponds.

Uşak news: Photo Governor Great Wall Yavuz , \"In our province, the average rainfall for many years (1983-2013) year is 535.3 kg , compared to the end of October 2014 was found to be 529.5 kg. For many years, average rainfall in the lowest rainfall in August and September in the square while this figure was recorded in September was 18.6 in August 2014, 114.9 kg , \"he said . Photo occurring rainfall in 2014 in Usak, a description of the occupancy rate of the dams and ponds the Governor Yavuz , \"January 2014, 58.2 February 7.5 March 28.3 April 43, May 46.4 June 127.9 , July 0.8 August 18.6 September 114.9 and in October 84.1 Kg precipitation is received , the highest rainfall in June and the lowest rainfall was detected in July. October 1, 2014 date with occupancy rates in lakes and ponds , small dams for 17% of Kozvir pond 20% , Elm pond 45% Üçpınar pond 53% , Karaahmetl pond 13% , Mesudiye pond 31% of the pond to Plug 28 % , Ahmet ponds 24% , Güneyköy pond 31% , 15% Jesus ponds , pond AHAT 47 % , 100% pedestrians pond , pond Kızılcasöğüt was measured as 100%. 12 million 786 thousand cubic meters of volume with little ones the current water level of the dam to 2 million 237 thousand cubic meters of finding the other 12 total business volume of our pond 22 Million 533 is Cubic Meters 10 million to 67 cubic meters of water is available , \"he said . At the end of
Governor Great Wall Yavuz description ; \"By year we have reached the end of October 2014 the average amount of rainfall in the last 30 years. With possible rainfall in November and December this figure will rise further . In addition, we have gained a significant advantage in Usak province irrigated by the dam and pond built in a short time and entered into service. However, the ponds used for irrigation in agriculture will enrich the natural world in their location over time as they contribute to the development of agriculture. Our small dam for drinking water serves as an alternative source of drinking water , respectively. Our citizens , need drinking water as well as water during the irrigation of agricultural land use caution and avoid wasting I wish , \"he said .

Occupancy rate of the dams and ponds butler" comments for.


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