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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:07

Sports Usak , Turkey displacement Lost

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Attended the first time in its history in the second match of the Cup Eurochallenge Usak Sports , met with Russia displacement BC Enisey .

Uşak news: Enisey won the match 86-68 . Bulkaz starting Ozan outside the usual
Match 5 students struggled early in the first quarter Enisey'l head to head with rival BC . Be cautious during the quarter in which both teams particularly sporty free throws in Usak success of sağlayınca half Enisey took a break until 7 points difference . Our representatives difference kapatamayın by a margin of 7 points in the first quarter 26-19 with Enisey completed favor . Enisey protect the public by the difference of the
second quarter, Usak number of balls lost Sportif simple mistake turning bar of the difference rose for the first time in double digits. At the end of the quarter the score 44-35 when the locker room was Enisey leading edge . The third quarter began with a Photo Enisey basket and pulled the number 13 in the beer difference. Tough defense makes finding scoring against Enisey forced our representative in this quarter is difficult to establish in the game you want to reduce the difference in the score still 66-56 Enisey favor of the team is completed. Photo Match in the last quarter started with Buckner's awesome slam dunk . But later time in Usak last number that can not be translated into sporty exterior shots of the hand could not close the gap . Scores again in the match entered the last five minutes of 72-61 was with Enisey favor . The rest of our time in the presence of representatives of encounter gösteremeyin Enisey 86-won 68 .

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