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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 21:03

Sporty butler , Eurochallenge Cup victory Begins

Sporty butler , Eurochallenge Cup victory Begins
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FIBA EuroChallenge Cup Group H located in Usak sporty, Tsmo the Minsk area in Belarus team were the guests .

Uşak news: Turkish representatives in Europe from the field to the first exam was divided into different with a win 78-59 . Photo Date for the first time a European Cup match in the Sports Usak , who became the first team in the number of encounters with Buckner . First quarter, both teams started cautiously . Tsmo this bölümg guest team finished ahead 17-22 in Minsk where there are mutual baskets . In the second quarter had a balance in the game. On entering the second end of the quarter Usak sporty three pointer from Ibrahim Yildirim was accurate when the locker room leading 42-41 Usak sporty side. Photo çeyrej Servant third start with the number of sporting . Belarus team, Usak Sportif more offensive chances than experienced difficulty in producing a number caught on . Stands filled the overcrowded Usak Turkey with the support of the audience began to increase weight representative in the game. 5 minutes prior to the end of the quarter the score was 54-43 in favor of switching to Usak Sports . Sports Usak pressure difference increases towards the end of the quarter thoroughly began to open . At the end of the quarter the score was 63-50 in favor of Usak Sporty completed. The Turkish team that imposes its dominance in the field when entering Photo Last quarter , we continued to open the gap with the superior game. European Cup for the first time in the field of sports events 78-59'luk Usak was allocated to score the winner side.

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