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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:57

Turkey Basketball League

Turkey Basketball League
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Usak Turkey Basketball League Sports 5 weeks , were the guests of the field Banvit'te .

Uşak news: Match Usak Sporty won 75-61 .
Both teams controlled the game in the first quarter began . Starting at the end of the first quarter the score was 21-20 with a basket passed to Usak Sports mutual advantage. Who put pressure on the game early in the second quarter Usak sporty, Zupan, the difference with Warren and exterior shots of Abraham pulled up to the number 17 . Towards the end of the game , leaving the rule in the locker room 43-28 sporty quarter Usak was the leading party . When the third quarter began with a Photo exchanged baskets and passed the first five minutes he kept Usak sporty difference . Although Banvit'te Usak install with all his strength to close the gap between sporty, prevented the building of Banvitl game players . Towards the end a little recovered Banvit'te difference of the quarter dropped 11 points and finished with the third quarter, 59-48 Usak sporty edge. Easily given
matches the last quarter of the entering Usak Sports intervening difference was able to keep in control of the game. End to end five minutes before the score was 67-52 in favor of Usak Sports played, Buckner dunks that ignited the name turbines . Who literally right field shows the last minute of the game Usak sporty, also lost both matches last season, he won the match by taking the difference Banvit 75-61 .

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