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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 11:44

Usak Alevi Cultural Association Ashura Events Held

Usak Alevi Cultural Association Ashura Events Held
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Usak Usak Flame Municipality and therefore Muharram Ashura event was organized by the Cultural Association .

Uşak news: Photo of Mehmet Akif Ersoy Cakir Sultan neighborhood in the light of the Great Wall , the event Cemevi'nde Governor Yavuz , deputy Mehmet Altay , Mayor Nurullah Cahen , Istanbul University Rector Dr. Said Steel , the Ogden Police Chief Earth, Flame Dede Nazmi Aydedeoğl , Usak Flame Head of the Cultural Association Fikret Sağdem joined with the citizens. Photo Event Speaking at the Governor's Great Wall Yavuz , Muharram is important for all Muslims , stating that bear sanctuary and joy \"of the Islamic world a and a draw , there is a one in need of much love and brotherhood , \"he said . Photo Montebello , such as examination of the Great Wall governor indicating that facing humanity Yavuz , \"never stop blood and tears in the Islamic world today, the day of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. tiny Israel's Muslim to his cruelty , and we can not enter our holy Al-Aqsa Mosque Muslim brothers to continue we have a dagger inside . We could collect again the Islamic world as a nation , we are the only nation and geography to stand against global injustice. Turkey Republic of ethnicity, regardless of religious belief is the second place where everyone's shelter. However, if the country of 77 million has no son could shelter a second address . So, the Balkans , the Caucasus and the Middle East, Africa and even the second address is Turkey. In this union of our thoughts and feelings , we must increase the absolute brotherhood . Enough for everyone in this country . So enough for everyone in this country work, and tolerance are exceeded . The secularism of the most beautiful application has made our civilization and our ancient Ottoman . Our government is committed to solving any problems of our citizens . We must decide how we set up our pain and distress by taking our course tomorrow . Our Future We must refer to them at all in terms of more accurate and reliable approach with confidence , \"he said . The activities performed rituals after the show ended with the distribution of Speech Photo asure after the prayer bite.


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