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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:33

Usak \"Right now Healthy Generations \"Project in late life

Usak \
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Usak Province National Education Directorate and the General Secretariat of the Association of Public Hospitals will be organized in collaboration with \"Correct Contact Healthy Generations \"protocol prepared for the project was signed by Governor Yavuz is the Great Wall .

Uşak news: Photo Usak Governor meeting at the protocol signing ceremony was held at the hall is the Great Wall governor made ​​a statement about the activities to be carried out under the project , Yavuz \"the mesh in our country and common training institutions have limited the information obtained about health and therefore our students with the adopted their correct behavior related to health parent, examples of creating and we have prepared for this project in order to ensure their approach more conscious of health-related events . Provincial National Education Directorate and will be held in collaboration with our Public Hospitals Union General Secretariat'Towards Contact Healthy Generations'a competent expert in the area of ​​the project is planned to give seminars to students and parents at all levels of education , \"he said . Photo right now Healthy Generations disruptive behavior disorders and symptoms of the project , the adolescent approach to depressive disorders and suicide attempts , symptoms of deficiency and hyperactivity disorder attention and educator attitudes of school refusal and anxiety disorders, be able to realize the problematic behaviors and symptoms, positive communication skills and ability to produce solutions for problems, positive parenting skills, be able to demonstrate appropriate attitudes, adolescence recognition features , to produce solutions to problems, and positive communication skills, will give seminars on the subject .

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