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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:47

Why Register Before After Condemns Candidate Announces Candidates

Why Register Before After Condemns Candidate Announces Candidates
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Republican People's Party for the 2015 general elections to be held in June Usak former provincial president announced his nomination of candidate Ismail Demirel met with journalists to explain why his candidacy candidate.

Uşak news: Before starting the first statement yesterday Demirel Photo Usak University management arrangements and hours of November 10 commemoration 09:00 exam began putting the words of the condemned . Ismail condemned the attitude Demirel Usak University , shared information about why that candidate after candidate criticized . In the 2015 elections, said the candidate is being nominated for two reasons Demirel said ; \"I have a general perspective candidates for first . Day after day our country in the name of life even more harder . Starting difficulties from neighboring countries we began to affect the . Economic as a result, began to grow social and other problems. Especially the workers and wretched citizens of our lives we bring to a situation where a lot cheaper. in mineral murder state , let's go with the workers , we see that can not even have to die. I've been in general candidates because I worried about the future of our children who are the guarantee of our come in . the second candidate is the reason I be a candidate in the local sense . I have stayed far behind compared to Usak neighboring provinces condition. the town of image We could not get rid of . 38 years old and 38 years, I live in Usak . I think that this is the fate of Usak . not be represented properly in Usak Ankara. investors and entrepreneurs in Usak is trying to do something about the city with their labor . If the deputies I selected my primary goal in 2019 I will ensure that the CHP's local power in local elections. Because lawmakers have advocated a strong understanding of social municipality visionaries with Servant will make it stronger in Turkey. Butler has significant value , and , unfortunately, not enough attention. However, problems are not going to be on the agenda at all . Today my aim is to get together with you , and discuss the main issues to provide with public problems with solutions in the following days and candidates Usak lover at my being , servant to declare again that I'm in love \", he completed his statement by saying .

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